Phi Fic #4 “Grendel” by John Gardner

What’s with these self-aware monsters anyway? Both Frankenstein and Grendel bemoan their fates as the necessary evils in this world—so that goodness may exist, perhaps? Listen as we join their struggle, and Mary calms Laura’s frantic worry about Gardner’s use of the “other” to make his philosophical point while the guys argue about who is the real monster here: Grendel or man?

“All order, I’ve come to understand, is theoretical, unreal—a harmless, sensible, smiling mask men slide between the two great, dark realities, the self and the world—two snake-pits.”

Grendel by John Gardner. Join Nathan Hanks with Cezary Baraniecki, Daniel St. Pierre, Laura Davis, and Mary Claire.

Thanks to Christopher Nolen for our music.

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